Note: Our current Bandogge breedings are actually Bandogs since they do not use Pitbulls in their genetics. This change was made to allow our dogs to be more acceptable to cities and states where Pitbulls and Pitbull crossed dogs are banned. We feel that we get a very similar result using the male Olde English Bulldogge in the place of the pitbull but this new combination will have heads closer resembling Bulldogs but much bigger.

Bandogges in the modern sense were bred first by Dr. Swinford.  He used multiple combinations of Bulldogs, Pitbulls, Mastiffs, and Bullmastiffs to try and establish a predictable offspring.  Bandogges or Bandogs by loose definition are any combinations of Bulldog type dogs and a Mastiff type dog.  Combinations using the American Pitbull are spelled Bandogges.  Other common approaches use American Bulldogs and the resulting offspring are called Bandogs.  With varying combinations of Bandogges/Bandogs there are large differences in appearances.  Also, whether the bulldog blood comes from the father or the mother can have a huge impact on the look of the Bandogge offspring.  For instance if you use pitbull females and English or Neopolitan Mastiff males, the result is a real gangely looking dog with big floppy ears.  Using the Pitbull or Amercian Bulldog as the father helps keep a more predictable bullish result.  Some combinations yield longer, taller type dogs, while others produce stockier dogs.  The sires tend to have a greater impact on the overall appearance.  The females however do give much of the size and structure.  While we appreciate what many other Bandogge breeders are doing, we chose our own path with the Bandogge.  First of all we use a Bullmastiff for the female because they are much more active and athletic than English Mastiffs or Neopolitan Mastiffs. Bullmastiffs are already 3/8 Olde English Bulldogge and 5/8 English Mastiff.  This breed was created to make a guardian like the English Mastiff more athletic and willing to get up and go after Poachers.  The result is just what it was intended: Strong, guardian dogs with just enough drive and athleticism to get the job done.  By combining the Bullmastiff with the American Pitbull we are simply adding athleticism, lean muscle, strength, and drive from the stongest pound for pound breed in the world to what the Bullmastiff already had.  The Bullmastiff takes some off the hyper edge of the pitbull side and results in a more laid back, but willing protector.  We wanted to add consistency in getting the thick type Bandogge, so we breed our Bullmastiff to my neighbor's black and white stocky pitbull, Gus.  Gus is about 19" has a real big head and weighs about 75lbs.  Gus is a very calm pitbull and is great with kids and other animals.  We believe this is imperative when breeding to create a dog as massive and powerful as a Bandogge.  We feel that our Bandogges are bred to make great pets, protectors/guardians, and performance dogs for events such as pulling.  As with anything, the proof is in the pudding.  So, we encourage you to check out our Produced page and see what we are producing and envision one of these beasts in your life. 

Olde English Bulldogges

Olde English Bulldogges are a relatively new breed designed to recreate the type of Bulldog that existed in the late 1800's and early 1900's when the English Bulldogs were a working breed and were very versatile. As people began breeding for a particular look instead of function, the breed got so small and compact that many health problems resulted. The Olde English Bulldogge is a much better alternative in that they have more capacity for their organs, a better frame for carrying bulky muscle, a slightly longer snout allowing the dog to breathe better, and an athletic build. Olde English Bulldogges can even live outside in the heat and humidity of the Southeastern United States whereas the modern English Bulldog would almost certainly die. The two most popular registries for Olde English Bulldogges are the IOEBA and the NBA. Since our dogs were registered with different associations, we are completing paperwork to have the parents double registered, allowing buyers to easily register their dog with the association of their choice.