Bosco: Here is our new stud that we drove to Michigan to acquire in order to bring in some great blue genetics to our kennel. Wilson's Bosco is a registered Olde English Bulldogge who is super athletic and very muscular. Olde English Bulldogges are a lot healthier than the modern English Bulldog that have breathing, breeding, birthing, and heart problems due to being bred to be more and more compact. Olde English Bulldogges have the bulldog look yet are still a working breed. Bosco has a very interesting blue brindle color pattern. Bosco is about 75-80 lbs. We are breeding Bosco to Bella, our registered Olde English Bulldogge to raise really nice purebred puppies and to Niya, our female Bullmastiff to create a Bandogge that is a little more Bulldog and a little less Mastiff resulting in a stockier structure and blockier head.